Friday, 18 November 2016

List of Fantastic Beasts in the film

The following magical beasts and creatures are featured in the film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them:

Rodent-like creatures that were attracted to shiny things, which made them wonderful for locating treasure. Nifflers were gentle by nature and could be affectionate towards their owners but they could wreak havoc if set loose outside.

 Swooping Evil
Large, blue-and-green winged magical creature that looks like a cross between a reptile and an extremely large butterfly. When it is not spreading its spiked wings in mid-flight, the Swooping Evil lives in a green spiny cocoon. It can be quite dangerous, as it can feed on people's brains (which it "sucks out"). It also secretes venom that, when properly diluted, can be used to erase bad memories.

Hand-sized, insect eating, tree dweller with long sharp fingers (two on each hand), brown eyes, and a general appearance of a flat-faced little stickman made of bark and twigs, which serves well as camouflage in its natural habitat. Serves as a tree guardian for its home tree, which is usually a tree whose wood is of wand quality. Useful for picking locks.

Insect native to Australia that's around half an inch long with the colouring of a vivid sapphire blue. The speed of the Billywig means that it is rarely noticed by Muggles. Billywig's wings are attached to the top of its head, and the wings rotate extremely fast, spinning the Billywig so that it can fly.  Anyone stung by a Billywig will suffer giddiness, followed by levitation.

Plumed, two-legged serpentine-bodied creature with wings that may reach up to fifteen feet in height. It's extremely aggressive to anyone who approaches it. Its eggs are made of pure and soft silver. Occamies can grow or shrink in order to fit available space.

Peaceful, herbivorous creature that can make itself invisible and tell the future, which makes it very hard to catch. It resembles an ape with large, black eyes and long, silky hair. Demiguise are highly sought after as the hair can be woven into Invisibility cloaks. Demiguises have precognitive sight, so that the only way to catch them is to do something completely unpredictable.

Large, avian creature native to Arizona. It can create storms as it flies, and can sense danger nearby. Thunderbirds possess multiple and powerful wings, with Frank the Thunderbird shown having six wings in total. Thunderbird feathers shimmer with cloud-like patterns, and the birds' flapping can create storms as they fly.

A marine beast resembling a rat with a growth on its back resembling a sea anemone.

Huge African magical beast resembling a rhinoceros. A powerful creature with a thick hide capable of repelling most curses and charms, a single long horn, and a thick tail. The Erumpent will not attack unless provoked, but the results are usually fatal. The horn can pierce skin and metal, and the horn contains a deadly fluid which causes whatever is injected with it to explode.

Giant mammal similar to a leopard that is native to East Africa. It moves silently, despite its size, and is considered by some to be the most dangerous creature alive. The breath of the Nundu is toxic and filled with disease. Nundu is extremely hard to subdue, and has never been defeated by less than around one hundred wizards working together.

Doxy (Biting Fairy)
Small Fairy-like creature, sometimes mistaken for a Fairy. Doxies have shiny beetle-like wings, and a double row of sharp venomous teeth. If bitten, a wizard or witch should take an antidote immediately. Doxies bury their eggs underground, and Doxy Queens can lay up to five-hundred at once. The eggs generally hatch in two to three weeks.

Shy creatures that only comes out of its burrow during a full moon. Mooncalves has smooth, pale grey skin, and four spindly legs that end in large flat feet. They also has bulging eyes (like an owl) that sit on the top of its head.

Plump, fluffy-feathered and flightless bird that has the ability to disappear and reappear elsewhere as a means of escaping danger. Muggles are aware of the existence of the Diricawl as a dodo (a large, extinct, flightless bird). However, since Muggles are not aware of its ability to vanish at will, they believe that they have hunted the dodo to extinction.

Dangerous and aggressive magical creature,  large and hump-backed, with greyish-purple skin tougher than that of dragons. It can repel most spells, has two golden horns, and walks on large four-thumbed feet. Newton Scamander had the last pair of breeding graphorns, along with a young graphorn.

Note: Obscurus is not a beast or creature
An unstable, uncontrollable dark force that takes the form of a flying, storm-like, violent torrent of darkness. It was created by young wizards to suppress their magic due to constant physical and psychological abuses in their childhood because of their powers. An Obscurial is the host of an Obscurus. When an Obscurial reaches their emotional and mental breaking point, the Obscurus appears and attacks whatever is the source of their distress. If they lose control of the Obscurus completely, the Obscurial can physically transform into it and destroy everything in their path. Usually, a child possessed by the Obscurus dies around their 10th birthday, but there are exceptional cases where a wizard with tremendous powers can survive longer. When the child dies, the Obscurus vanishes along with them, though Newt Scamander successfully kept one alive when its host died by encasing it in a magical bubble.