Monday, 17 June 2013

Movie Review: Epic

Epic may not be as 'epic' as its title suggests, but it's a satisfactory fantasy adventure animation that might be enjoyable for a much younger audience. It's not bad by any means, the story is well-paced, heartwarming, made with a heart, the animation is beautiful and captivating as well. It is shown throughout the film that the visual artists did took a considerable amount of effort and time to create the production designs and visuals.
However, the plot and dialogues written for the film are too generic and simplistic for most adults to watch. The film lacks originality since it's loosely based on a children fantasy book. It's not easy to produce an animation that appeals to children and adults at the same time nowadays, since Pixar had raised the bar with each effort in recent years (except the recent Brave film).
The film does have its charm, genuine emotion and filled with positive, good moral messages such as friendship, love, courage, selflessness and manage to instill environmental awareness for the younger generation as well. I do recommend this film as a decent family fare. Parents should bring their young ones along to watch it. Most young kids would probably find it entertaining and enjoyable, but most adults would probably feel disappointed if they're hoping for a Pixar marvel.

Rating: 6.5/10

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