Thursday, 8 August 2013

Movie Review: Percy Jackson - Sea of Monsters

 Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters feels like a cheap ripoff of the Harry Potter series made for younger kids or teenagers who read the books and would like to see it on the big screen. The script is awfully written, some of the dialogues were bad. Some of the funny scenes earlier in the film feel forced and the jokes were not delivered properly by the characters (found out the screenplay is actually written by the screenwriter who wrote Green Lantern).

The storyline is weak and feels out of place. There's simply not enough adventure in the Sea of Monster'S' and the actual quest felt a little too rushed for the audience to feel satisfied. Furthermore, the big finale near the end of the film feels disappointing and lame.
Not sure about the novels as I've never read them before, but it seems as if the gods doesn't seem to care much about their half-blood kids (Poseidon seemed to be ignoring Percy despite his many attempts in communicating with him)...One could even question why bother making the half-bloods in the first place? There's no appearances of the Greek Gods - Zeus, Poseidon or Hades throughout the film...despite the fact that there's an issue of utmost urgency that requires their immediate attention.

Most of the plot elements felt contrived or questionable...they're just simply there for the sake of the plot (sorry for mentioning some of the plot elements, I just couldn't help it):
  • -Out of nowhere, Luke just 'magically' found the Tomb of Kronos?
  • -A powerful crucial magical item such as the golden fleece is only guarded by a Cyclops on an island?
  • -The film's title mentioned Sea of Monster'S', but in the end the audience just get to see a monster that looks like a maelstrom?
  • -How Grover managed to reach the island in the first place?
  • -How Luke and his crew gets to have a rat-scorpion hybrid monster as a pet in the first place?
  • -Seriously, if Kronos was defeated that easily, then why it needs 3 powerful Greek Gods to defeat him in the first place?
  • -Annabelle mentioned that Poseidon's powers don't work in the sea of monsters since the sea is not within Poseidon's domain of power, but Tyson managed to heal his wound?
Not to mention, the film ends in an unsatisfactory cliffhanger as well.

There's some character development in the film, especially Tyson, Percy and Luke. The acting performances from the actors were fine and the film is entertaining in some parts of the film, but it certainly didn't reach the heights and complexity of the adventures in the Harry Potter series. While fans of the book series might love the film, but for general audiences, this fantasy action adventure is certainly a miss.

Rating: 6/10

Worthy Note: Alexandra Daddario, who played Annabeth in the film, has grown up to be an extremely hot and attractive woman with beautiful mesmerizing blue eyes, amazing lips and big bosom.

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