Sunday, 5 January 2014

Worst Movies of 2013

The following is my own list of worst movies of 2013. They're utter garbage, a major disappointment, the ones I wished they never been made and never bother wasting my time to even watch them, but unfortunately I did. So here it goes (They are not in order as all of them are equally bad):

A Good Day To Die Hard a.k.a Die Hard 5

The worst action movie of the year, also one of the greatest disappointment for the fans of the franchise. No character development, bad cinematography, extravagant and mindless action one after another, lacking a coherent plot...This is a film you wished they did not make to ruin the franchise.

The Hangover 3
After the similar but still acceptable Hangover 2, Hollywood decided to make another one to ruin everything, just for sole purpose of earning more $$$. The jokes are not funny, nasty and lame. What a disappointment. Terrible.

The worst comic book film of the year, with utterly bad CGI, bad corny dialogues, nonsensical plot, bad acting from Reynolds himself. Why they would even bother making this in the first place? What a waste of time.

Grown Ups 2
For the first time ever, I wished that Sandler would stop making such movies anymore. It's unnecessary, unfunny as the jokes are nasty (some even offensive), annoying, lack of a decent name it. A waste of talents, money and time.

After Earth
Right now at this point in time, Shyamalan is officially one of the worst director of all time. The only great movie he ever made is just The Sixth Sense. How on earth a film, with Will Smith in it, can get so boring and lifeless? Why Will Smith would even put his son as the lead  of the film if he's not even good enough to act and carry the film on his own? There's nothing interesting in the film at all, no emotions to be felt.

G.I.Joe: Retaliation
A film that kills off most major characters of the first film, dead characters miraculously come back without a proper explanation, a villain who suddenly reveals himself to be good all along, nonsensical and mindless action over and over again. You'll know you walked in to a very bad film.

I Give It A Year
The worst rom-com of the year. It's not funny, boring and filled with annoying, unlikeable characters. Why would I watch this in the first place? I just couldn't answer why.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
A 'copycat' of the Harry Potter Series. Badly scripted, lacklustre plot, lack of memorable, developed characters, too many unnecessary scenes, not enough adventure...Where are the Greek gods when you need them?

Beautiful Creatures
Another terrible twilight-ish teen romance film that most girls would go to watch. Couldn't understand why. The chemistry between the leads are not convincing at all, too many cheesy, lame look-at-each-other scenes, lack of a compelling strong villain...this is just bad.

The Bling Ring
A film filled with shallow, pretentious, annoying, unlikeable characters. There's no character background, depth or development for any of the characters at all. They just do what they did and think it's right to do so. It's unbearable to watch and depressing to know the fact that many of these young people exist in our society now.

A typical example of a squandered potential. On the outside, it looks great. But if you think deeply enough, all the plot problems, inconsistencies come to your head. Never bother to further explore the interesting thematic elements presented in the film, chooses to focus on the action instead. By someone who made District 9, I expect more. Given the talent involved in the film, it's such a shame.

The following are the list of films that you don't need to watch to know they suck, from the trailers you'll know you don't need to spend your time, effort, money on these garbage:



That's all folks!

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