Thursday, 27 February 2014

Movie Review: Non-Stop

Non-Stop is another highly intense, suspenseful, engaging, entertaining, satisfying action thriller with Liam Neeson stars as the one man action hero (again). Despite an old age of 61, Liam Neeson still got what it takes to be the 'man'. He has that on-screen charisma that makes people root for him. This time around, he's an alcoholic, aerophobic Federal Air Marshal haunted by his past, whose job is to quietly protect flight passengers and ensure that they land safely. The film takes place on an international flight from New York to London.

As usual with many thrillers in the past, the audiences were 'invited' to play guessing games as the film progresses...who's the real hijacker? What actually happened? What's going to happen? How the next victim going to be killed? Who's the next victim? What will our main hero do next?
This film is in many ways similar to Taken, another brilliant action thriller with Liam Neeson as an ex-CIA agent trying to rescue his daughter, but less violent and more suspense. the film does raise a few questions on flight security, the various precautions and measures taken against terrorism since 9/11.

Yes, the film has too many contrivances (However, Within the film's context, some of the contrivances work well though)...Sure, the plot is flawed and cliché-ridden...but it's sure one hell of a ride! Who cares when Liam Neeson is here to kick ass? This is one of those guilty pleasure movies, the ones that aren't great but we love for some reason.

Rating: 8/10 (Sorry, I enjoyed it very much)

Whoa...this guy was an Admiral, a Colonel, Batman's mentor, a Jedi Master, a Jews rescuer, a fantasy world deity, a wolf killer, an ex-CIA agent, an Olympian god, the first human sexologist...

Now, a Federal Air Marshal?

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