Sunday, 22 June 2014

Movie Review: Blended

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After recent flops like Grown Ups 2, That's My Boy or Jack and Jill, I'm not actually looking forward to watch Sandler's new romantic comedy film, Blended. His previous films were awful, annoying and dumb. But I was surprised. Blended turned out to be a fun, entertaining, exciting, happy and relaxing film for family, friends or even couples to enjoy.

Once again, Sandler pairs himself with Barrymore after 50 First Dates and The Wedding Singer. The story is about a widowed dad of three girls, who's still trying to move on after the loss of his beloved wife and a divorced mother of two boys, who's still trying to cope with her divorce with a cheating, irresponsible husband, swore not to see each other again after a disastrous blind date. However, they both ended up together in a trip to a luxurious African resort with a jungle safari. Their holiday 'just happens' to be during the African resort’s ‘familymoon’ event, which is aimed for creating romantic opportunities for grown-ups while keeping their kids occupied.

Before saying anything further, I believe that we all know how the story goes and how it's going to end. This is another one of those clearly formulaic plots in the romantic comedy genre. Then why we should watch this, you ask? Because I think there's always something comforting about watching these formulaic romantic comedies. It's not the destination, but the journey that matters in the end.

The film starts by taking time to let the audience learn to get to know the characters well, by showing their own personal issues. It touches on the emotional core of the characters and makes the characters relatable through the bond they share in the film. Sandler and Barrymore are a likeable, charming couple which convinces the audience to be emotionally invested in them. It is immensely appealing and engaging to see how their relationship eventually develops and trust each other, relate to each other's kids and solve their kids' personal issues.

As usual with many Sandler films, the crude humour still present and certainly capable of generating a few laughs here and there with its jokes and occasional silliness. Terry Crews (the black muscle guy who just loves to move his muscle pecs) steals the show as the leading lounge singer at the African resort. The African holiday resort in this film is simply fantastic as well.

While I do agree it's not one of the greatest film ever made, but it certainly succeeds as a simple, enjoyable, fun, entertaining romantic comedy that's filled with sweet heartwarming moments.


Previous Review: How to Train Your Dragon 2

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