Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Movie Review: Big Hero 6

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This year is filled with so many great animated films...The Lego Movie, How to Train Your Dragon 2, The Boxtrolls, The Book of Life and now, Disney's new superhero animated feature - Big Hero 6. Adapted from the Marvel comics of the same name which is almost unheard of by many people (including myself), Big Hero 6 is a fun, entertaining, heartwarming and emotional film that's comparable to Pixar's superhero film, The Incredibles.

Over the years, superhero films have become more complex and character-driven with thought-provoking, challenging messages to the audience. The same could be said for Big Hero 6 as well. This is a film about the excitement of learning and innovating new things. This is a film that's filled with complex, mature themes such as dealing with grief and loss of loved ones, making the right choices in life by letting go and forgive those who have wronged you.

Big Hero 6 is a beautifully made film that's still incredibly charming and fun to watch despite its simple, straightforward and predictable story. The characters, even the awesome high-tech gadgets and suits are very well-designed. Moreover, the world presented in the film (the city of San Fransokyo - combination of San Francisco and Tokyo) is vibrant, colourful and futuristic, which is suitable for the story. Around the halfway mark of the film, we get to see the spectacular aerial view of the city as Hiro and Baymax flies around the city to test the newly made armour prepared to fight with the main villain.

The key to a successful animated film has always been creating one or two memorable, lively characters that young audiences could identify with, care about and love. The film succeeds the most by putting its focus on the relationship between Hiro, the lead human character and the hilarious, cute, lovable, cuddly, friendly and adorable inflatable healthcare robot Baymax, which is the heart of the film. The gentle robot instantly steals the show the moment it appears on screen, providing many joys and laughters that you wish you had him by your side as a personal companion/caregiver. He's clearly meant to be the character that every kid (or the kid inside you, for adults) should love. This film did a remarkable job in balancing action, drama and comedy. There are more enjoyable action scenes to satisfy the kids who loves action and several wonderful, hilarious, moving and emotional scenes of Hiro and Baymax together on screen to satisfy those who yearn for something profound and impactful. There are two particularly emotionally moving and heartfelt scenes that brought me to tears.

However, the film does have its flaws. The four supporting human characters (including the villain) are quite underdeveloped and it feels like we hardly know them much by the end of the film other than they're friends with Hiro and they will always be there for him. However, it's not significant enough to hurt your enjoyment of the film. Overall, Big Hero 6 is the perfect animated film for young nerdy kids and adults alike. It's definitely one of the best animated films of the year.

Rating: 8.5/10

Note: Be sure to stay for the after-credit scene. 

Previous Review: Love, Rosie

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