Saturday, 27 February 2016

Movie Review: Zootopia

Zootopia is a vibrantly hilarious, fun, uplifting, heartfelt and exciting Disney animated movie that's ever made with strong themes of prejudice, discrimination and diversity - that we should not judge people by race or looks. The world of Zootopia is filled with exciting, unique anthropomorphic CG animal characters that represents our dreams, ambitions and flaws as well.

Zootopia is a film that takes place in an anthromorphic animal world without humans where all animals (predators and preys) evolved from their primitive state and live together in harmony (or that's what it seems). It has a central story about an unlikely friendship formed between a cunning and deceitful fox, Nick Wilde and a determined, hopeful rabbit police with a dream, Judy Hopps to investigate a series of missing animal case together. While distrustful and annoyed with each other at first, they soon become best friends, after discovering that they are merely blinded by their prejudices of each other but not who they really are.

From a serious standpoint, the film takes a hard look at what happens when different people with different cultures live together in the same area. It's definitely not as good and peaceful as you think it is. Fear breeds hatred and hatred allows prejudice and discrimination to exist. We always fear things we don't understand, that causes us to do things that we do, even when we don't really mean it.

The film also gives one important message: If you want something, you have to work hard to make it happen because dreaming just isn't enough. Judy pushes herself to do the best she could to become a cop, despite her physical looks and everyone in her life telling her to give up on pursuing her dreams. The film successfully make them a really likeable pair, which give the film its heart and soul. It shows an ideal that natural enemies can become best friends, if you put aside your differences and try to understand each other. There are tons of funny scenes around and the film managed to create a lot of laughters from start to the end. The dialogue is witty and you'll definitely find yourself laughing loudly at certain parts of the film.

Another worthy mention about Zootopia is its elaborate world-building. The breathtaking visuals, especially the initial train sequence when Judy leaving her birthplace to Zootopia, which shows different parts of the city with different species of 'lively' anthropomorphic CG animals walking around the streets will definitely put viewers in awe and amazement. It's magnificent and certainly a feast for the eyes. The film also ends with a beautiful dancing theme song, "Try Everything" by Shakira, which is equally fantastic as well.

Overall, Zootopia is a movie not to be missed. It's incredibly intelligent, creative, beautifully detailed. Disney certainly sets the bar high for the rest of the animated film releases this year. Highly recommended.

Rating: 8.5/10

Note: Just a friendly advice, don't watch Gods of Egypt. Watch this.

"People hate what they don't understand. So please try at your very best to understand, put yourself in their shoes and feel...don't let prejudice, bigotry, discrimination and hatred control you and change what you can be. Peace can only be achieved through understanding."

People need to stop bias against animated films. Animation is a wonderful art form that connects for kids and adults. Animation brings out the kid in us by capturing this long-lost childlike wonder and interest in the world, the little finer things that we overlooked in life as we grow up. It's not just the way the films look that entertains an audience. It has to be in the service of a good story with great characters. In essence, we all love to laugh. We all love to be amazed. We all love to be moved to tears. As long as a movie has a beating heart, that's all what matters.

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