Monday, 13 April 2020

Someday or One Day 想见你 (2019 - 2020)

With all major film releases postponed or cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak, coupled with recent MCO (movement control order) enforced by the government to contain the outbreak, one could expect that the situation spells doom for entertainment to any of us cinemagoers. Oh well. Here comes this brilliant Taiwanese drama series, highly recommended by a good friend of mine, that I must give it a try, with a bet that I'll definitely love it.

Truthfully speaking, I was quite sceptical at first, as no TV series (that I've watched in the past) has never made me truly satisfied until the end. Most TV series are overly long with draggy, repeated scenes, filled with over-developed supporting characters that doesn't contribute much to the story that it tries to present and the list goes on.

I've made a decision to give this 13-episode Taiwanese drama TV series a chance in the end after seeing rave reviews about it. Turns out my friend was right after all. I loved it. This is a very emotional, well-paced, well-planned time-travelling coming-of-age romance mystery drama that stretches and redefines what it means by "fate and destiny".

First and foremost, I have to admit that, like any other Asian TV series that comes before, this series does have a few similar issues like cringe-worthy dialogues, melodramatic scenes and plot conveniences here and there (but lesser than expected). However, that doesn't deter much from watching the series. The series starts quite sadly but honestly by the end of episode 3, I was hooked by the 'surprise'.

The series takes time to develop the characters to allow us to get emotionally attached with every one of them. Hence, it requires patience from the audience in the beginning to receive the "gradual and subsequent" huge payoffs that comes later in the 2nd half of the series (which starts from episode 7 onwards). The twists and turns presented will left you extremely shocked and surprised for every single episode!

The basic premise of the TV series is that a 27-year old woman, Huang Yu Xuan, who's still grieving after the death of her boyfriend, Wang Quan Sheng, 2 years ago. Due to a strange occurence, she ends up waking in the hospital in the body of a high school student, Chen Yun Ru 20 years in the past. Mysteriously, Chen Yun Ru and her classmate Li Zi Wei look surprisingly identical to Huang Yu Xuan and Wang Quan Sheng! A lot of unexpected twists and turns unravelled as the series goes further.

It's so much more than just romance! The compellingness of time-travelling aspect of this drama has made each subsequent episode so suspenseful and surprisingly meaningful (especially the romance) when the revelation is provided to the audience later on. The timeline is well thought-out and well-explained as well, to prevent audience from being confused. Oh God! The less you know about the series before watching it, the better!

I loved how the relationships built throughout the series, making each character fully fleshed out. Each of the character storylines are impactful and moving. The series also ends remarkably satisfactory as well (for me at least, for once, after some thoughtful analysis). I can't believe "Young and Dangerous" was referenced twice in this series! The series doesn't betray and adhere the "logics and rules" of the various plot points that they've shown and set earlier on.

Lastly, the melodramatic scenes won't work without the fantastic songs that being included in the series. I can't help myself liking Wu Bai's 'Last Dance' and Miss You 3000, even after the countless plays throughout the scenes in the series.

Ironically, I find it quite fitting that I get to watch this series and Final Fantasy 7 remake (a 23-year old game with exceptional storyline that's recently been remade and released now with latest high-end graphics, it also shares similar themes of life, death, fate, destiny and predeterminism) at the same time as well.

For those who haven't watch this brilliant series, I highly recommend and urge you to watch this ASAP, before the MCO ends!!!

Rating: 9/10 (Highly Recommended!)