Saturday, 10 October 2020

My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday


"We're not passing each other. The edges have been tied into a ring, connecting us as one."

My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday is a subtly tender, bittersweet yet strikingly heartbreaking love story between two people from different worlds that was doomed by destiny from the very beginning. First of all, the film doesn't bother to explain the mechanics of why and how certain things happen the way it is (and it doesn't have to), it focuses more on the relationship of the couple in depth and observe how they deal with the reality they're forced to live in.

It begins with an awkward boy meets girl scene in a train, where the guy, with no prior experience of love, made clumsy mistakes during an attempt to approach a girl that usually guarantees rejection, but surprisingly that the girl doesn't seem to care and weirdly promised to meet him (a stranger), the next day, even shockingly agrees to affirm their relationship from the get-go after dating him on the third day.

After more days had passed, they quickly accustomed with each other, with formal honorifics removed, showing that they're getting closer to each other. It gives a sweet, comfy feeling when watching how they interact with each other, albeit with slight noticeable signs that something isn't right.

Finally, the heart-pinching, teary moment comes when the truth is revealed during halfway through the film. After the revelation, it feels that your heart keeps aching as you watch the couple going through an unchangeable cruel fate as each moment passing by each day.

Both leads did their utmost best by delivering outstanding performances, showing their chemistry for each other while delivering their lines. While I'm trying my best not to spoil the entire plot of the film, but I have to say a few things to express why it pains your heart so much as you're watching it:

  • The first time when he meets her, is when she loves him the most...
  • The things that he does and experience the first time, are the very things she does and experience the last time...
  • It's a very cruel destiny for both, especially for her...
  • While he can initially experience it without knowing, however, on the other hand, she needs to subtly, painstakingly pretend as each day passes by, knowingly proceed everything as it should be. 

The ending, as it shows the recollection of scenes earlier the beginning, reflects what the girl actually experiencing at that point in time, showing us that there's actually more than meets the eye, is truly beyond words could describe.

Overall, it is a very intelligent, well-made film that deserves an applause for its bold portrayal of star-crossed lovers, despite the fact it's rather heartbreaking to watch until the end. As the credits roll with a melancholic song at the background, I found myself with an aching heart, knowing that they will never meet again but at least they made full use of what's been given and their love for each other is so real, tender and passionate. 

Highly recommended. Many thanks to the person who recommended this brilliant film. It's rather fortunate to be able to watch this film even after 4 years of its release.

Rating: 8.5/10

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