Saturday, 14 December 2013

Movie Review: Firestorm (风暴)

Firestorm (风暴)is a disappointing, unrealistic action thriller despite fine performances from Andy Lau and Gordon Lam.The characters are mostly underdeveloped, the pacing of the story is uneven and the relationships between key characters are not fully explored, which makes the audience hard to develop strong feelings for them when the 'storm' finally kicks in and put them in a moral dilemma. (such as when a character is reciting The Lord's Prayer and watch as his loved one is thrown off a building; Andy's character, a strict senior inspector questioning his deeply held morals and challenging his principles; a merciless robber's eventual surrender and allegiance to the police...)
Much like The White Storm (掃毒), some of the action sequences were illogical and questionable.
Despite many explosions, car crashes, fall from buildings or gunshots being fired, Andy's character still look fine and capable of chasing criminals to deliver gunshots.The weird, shaky, out-of-place camera angles and unrealistic CG effects used for the action sequences further ruined the film as well. The shifting of the main villain at midpoint of the film is not explained properly.
Furthermore, the climactic gunfight showdown between the robbers and ENTIRE police force was simply overdone, ridiculous, unnecessary and fails to provide any lasting impression despite its significant body count. It begs the question: Why can't they deploy any snipers to shoot down the criminals from afar? How the criminals managed to get such heavy artillery to fight with the entire police force?

Rating: 6/10

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