Saturday, 21 December 2013

Movie Review: Walking with Dinosaurs the movie

Walking with Dinosaurs: the movie is an extravagantly shot but utterly disappointing animated film.

The visuals in the film are breathtaking, impressive and lifelike as usual, much like the documentaries (from the same makers of UK BBC's 6 episode documentary TV dinosaur series), but the script, plot were awful to the point that it kills the excitement or enjoyment that you might have when watching it. The film uses a formulaic plot that has been overused throughout the ages and the dialogues written for the film are neither funny nor memorable at all.

The voiceovers were incredibly annoying, because they talk too much and the filmmakers assumed that the audience are too dumb or ignorant to the point that they can't see or notice the events that's happening themselves. The production crew should have left the film without any voiceovers and let the visuals do the talking. The expression on the dinosaurs should be good enough to show the viewers about what is happening. Do we really need a young girl's voice to mention the dinosaur's name and data when the dinosaur's name and information can be seen from the screen? Seriously?

It's a film that targets young kids (perhaps less than 9). Stay away from this one. Even the old animation The Land Before Time series is better than this. Not recommended unless you're bringing your kids to watch this.

Rating: 4.5/10

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