Sunday, 16 March 2014

Movie Review: The Beggar Hero (丐世英雄) 2014

The Beggar Hero is a bad, awful, terrible, boring low-budget film. (Is it even a film??) Despite the inclusion of some credible actors such as Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) (3-times winner of Best Actor in TVB annual awards show) and Singaporean actor, Henry Thia (程旭辉),  the film is a poor jumbled mess. It was filmed entirely on the streets of Penang.

The film sucks. It suffers due to poor film editing, bad script, bad production design, non-existent action choreography for the action sequences, poor dialogues and most of all, poor direction. No one seemed to know what they're doing or should be doing during the shooting of the film. Despite half-way through the film, nothing really happened. Most of the actors overacted (with the exception of Wayne Lai) in the film. None of the production team treats the movie seriously.
None of the characters make any lasting impression or memorable at all. There's no proper character development, no catchy one-liners spoken by any of the actors, or hardly any funny scenes. The film fails to inspire with its "Nothing is impossible" motto, which is 'believed' by the trio, which is shown to be taken from a Malaysian property developer company on the streets.
Overall, it's a waste of time, effort and money to watch. One of the worst films of 2014. Although it's too late now, please, for your sake, DON'T think of watching it like I did. Just when The Journey raises hope and shine some light to our Malaysian film industry, this one comes and knocks it down. It doesn't live up to expectation at all. A horrible local Chinese production.

Rating: 2/10


  1. i will give it a big ZERO. walked out of the cinema after 15 mins.

  2. Poor acting by local actors, Cantonese-speakers have poor diction.