Saturday, 15 March 2014

Movie Review: The Great Gatsby

 The Great Gatsby a visually stunning, captivating, intriguing age-old classic tragic love story originally written as a book by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It tells a story which sets in the Roaring Twenties before The Great Depression...about New York society and the decadence of that era, the wild excesses and emptiness (the Prohibition and bootlegging of alcohol), the glitzy and glamourous parties and plot twists that shows that after all these years, the current generation still facing the same social problems like their predecessors in the 20s.
The cinematography, makeup and costume designs were brilliant. The film succeeds in portraying every manner of Gatsby’s extravagance. The sets are great, the music is amazing and the costume and fashion style depicted in the film seems to reflect the 1920's. It seems to show how two individuals, not from a wealthy background can easily be deceived by the empty lie of self-gratification.
The film also carefully depicts how obsession and wealth can also blind individuals in love: Gatsby's obsession with Daisy and Daisy's obsession with wealth and status despite his love for Gatsby. As Gatsby’s true identity and intentions finally revealed in the second half of the movie, one can't help but to sympathize with the hopeless is his passion, false optimism, hope and undying love for Daisy which ultimately leads to his own demise.
Gatsby has led his entire life in trying to earn and win the love of Daisy, but Daisy is just too afraid to lose the kind of life she has grown up with, to love the one guy her heart calls her to...even though she knows that her husband is cheating on her. It is deeply heartfelt to watch as Nick was unable to stop the dreadful chain of events that he eventually feels responsible for.
Once again, Leonardo DiCaprio proved himself as a credible actor by delivering a charismatic, heartbreaking performance as Gatsby. He's done a wonderful job in personifying the character’s insecurities, despite his stylish and charming outer appearance. The scene where Daisy and Gatsby reunite together again at Nick's house after 5 years is both awkward and hilarious.
I haven't read the book, which is considered a classic literature by many...and I'm not a fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald, therefore I'm reviewing the film based on what I've seen on screen. In my opinion, it is a film that I would recommend others to watch.

Rating: 8/10

SPOILER ALERT: The following character map shows the relationships between the characters and what happened throughout the film:

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